New Original Acrylic Paintings


  • Introducing Richard Langton ..... Part One !

    With our up and coming exhibition, Jungle is Massive, we thought we would take the opportunity to introduce the artist that has produced this magni...
  • Winter Light Exhibition

    Winter Light Exhibition 18th March 2022 So, it comes around quickly, this time next week we will be into our first exhibition of 2022, Winter Light...
  • Silent Auction

    The Countdown Begins ! With way less than a week to go we are busy uploading the generous donations for the silent auction onto the website. We hop...
  • Eyes on Lusty

    " Eyes on Lusty " Exhibition  So, with less than a week to go before the preview evening we are starting to print, frame and collect the artwork to...
  • The Creative Process # 1

    A series of blogs aimed at describing my equipment, techniques and my own creative process.
  • Stormy Sunday

    Stormy Sunday 

    A more detailed description of five paintings inspired by Porth Beach, Cornwall.