New Original Acrylic Paintings

Stormy Sunday

Thank you for taking time to stop by and read this blog post. I thought it would be nice to share a bit more information about some of the places that inspire me to paint. Painting isn't my full time job so most of the time my work is from places that aren't to far away from my home at Porth, Cornwall.

My first place of inspiration is Porth beach and the surrounding headlands. My little bungalow is situated at the top of the road down to the beach and I am humbled to call the place home. 

I have created a map with the detailed position of where the following five pieces are from and I thought I could explain in a bit more detail where and why I painted them and hopefully it will inspire you to visit or create yourselves. 


Number 1 on the map is a new piece that is the view from the right hand side of the beach, just before the bridge that crosses onto Porth Island. As the tide come in the beach disappears and small waves flood up the sand. Porth is a very flat beach which means the waves loose a lot of power as they run up the bay, making it bad for surfers but great for families, kayakers and SUP boards. This little cove catches the afternoon sunshine as the sun heads down over Glendorgal headland which you can see on the other side of the beach. Prints of this piece are available here


Number 2 is from up on Porth headland, looking across the beach towards Glendorgal. This time I have left the holiday cottages and Hotel on as I have a tendency to leave them out. The path leads down to the bridge that joins the main headland to the island. the path winds its way past Iron Age, man made mounds. You can read more about the history here . This path also leads down to cove that is pictured in the first painting. The original painting is available here.



Number 3 is back on the beach, heading back to the road. There is a river that runs down the right hand side of Porth beach and while it isn't deep its flow does stop the small waves from breaking. As they pour down the beach, tiny peelers wind their way down the river. If you were 6 inches tall and a surfers you would be in heaven ! The winter afternoon are wonderful source of inspiration as the harsh light spreads across the sea and reflects in the disappearing rock pools. The original painting is available here.


Number four is from up on the island. As I mentioned before the beach is very shallow so the waves break a long way out and loose power as they run up the high tide. This piece shows the end of Glendorgal being battered by a large swell as the sun sinks over Newquay town. the distinctive Headland Hotel can be seen on far headland. I love winter sunsets and the colours that they bring and there is no better place to watch than from up on the island. The original painting is available here.


Finally, number 5, and who doesn't enjoy a sunset and there is no better place to watch than at low tide, on the beach, watching the colours change by the minute as the rocks are plunged into blackness. The river is on my right and the sun sets in ]between the gap between the island and the rocks at the end of Glendorgal, again with newquay town in the distance. The original painting is available here. 


I hope you have enjoyed reading this and hopefully gaining a bit more information on some of my pieces. Thank you, as always for all of your continued support. 


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