New Original Acrylic Paintings

Eyes on Lusty

" Eyes on Lusty " Exhibition 

So, with less than a week to go before the preview evening we are starting to print, frame and collect the artwork to hang. One of the first pieces we collected was from Claire Britcliffe aka Spellbound by the Sea and has become the centre piece for the exhibition 

We absolutely love this piece and along with the original we have a very limited run of 10 giclee prints which Claire is hand embellishing with gold leaf. 

We have also collected works from Julie Dunster, an extremely collectable plein air artist, and she has produced two delightful oil paintings for us.

Four oil paintings have been collected from the talented hands of Jerry Sanders and one of the pieces in my opinion sums up Lusty Glaze in spring 

We had the wonderful Andrew Barrowman and Toby Ray visit us on the same day and deliver five pieces between them, one of which sold that same day. 

Andrew and Toby both work in oil and produce pieces " en plain air " but both have a very individual style. 

We had a piece from the lovely Julia Crossland arrive in the post and will have this framed for the exhibition. Julia's piece really sums up a summers day on Lusty Glaze. 

Digital art and illustrations are now a part of the mainstream art world and we are really happy to have exclusive works from Lu Cornish and Tom Hughes. Lu's work always tells a story and she hasn't disappointed with her two pieces. Tom illustrative style sums up Lusty in a heartbeat and we love his colour palette he has chosen for his piece 

I have followed Natasha Owens work for ages and am humbled to own a piece so it was with absolute delight she produced 4 pieces for the exhibition, two of which have already sold


A visit in the week saw Jacqui O'Neill drop three pieces of at the gallery, two for the exhibition and another for our silent auction wall. All three pieces are absolutely stunning and we are happy to say we will have prints of the originals to sell during the exhibition.

We also have a magnificent original pastel by Stuart Rowe. The scale and sheer intensity of the summer colours Stuart has used in his piece is literally incredible. Stuart has also donated an original pastel for our silent auction wall.

We are excited to see what remaining artwork we will get from Sarah Raybould, Roger Holmes, Jenny Aitken and Fiona Siyver.

As an artist myself and having a lifelong love of Lusty Glaze it was an absolute please to paint and sketch for this exhibition and to have the opportunity to raise money for a wonderful cause, Blood Cancer UK. The exhibition hasn't even started and we have raised over £200. 

I don't think this exhibition without the support of my amazing gallery assistant, Emma and the support of all at Lusty Glaze, especially the lovely Tracey and the amazing team at Starts & Co whom we are humbled to have sponsoring the event. 

The preview evening is this Friday, the 30th, 5pm until 9pm and the exhibition will then run all week until Friday 6th August. 

You are all welcome to come even it is just to browse these amazing pieces that our humble little gallery is proud to display 

Thank you 


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