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Winter Light Exhibition

Winter Light Exhibition 18th March 2022

So, it comes around quickly, this time next week we will be into our first exhibition of 2022, Winter Light. A celebration of a Cornish winter, we hope you like the curation of works we have gathered for this exhibition. 

Winter in Cornwall is full of low sun days, storm filled weeks, deep shadows and dazzling light. As we approach spring we thought it would be a good way to welcome the longer days by filling the gallery with works inspired by these days.

The preview evening for the exhibition is this Friday, the 18th March 2022, from 5pm until 8pm. Anyone and everyone are welcome, wether you are in the market to buy some new art, what to chat with some of the artists or just want a quiet browse.

We are so happy to introduce a few new artists to our walls including Joe McDonald and Ellen Frances. 


Ellen works ' En Plein Air ' and has a beautiful loose style with a subtle use of pastel colours to capture the beauty around her. As her pieces are painted on location you even get some of the local sand and flora attached to her work !

We also have work by established local artists whom have exhibited with us before. Toby Ray is exhibiting two new pieces painted in location at Mawgan Porth on one of the blue sky winter days 

Newquay local, Diane Griffiths will be exhibiting two of her winter inspired originals, one of Porth beach and one of Watergate Bay. 

Claire Britcliffe has been with the gallery since we opened in some form or another ! We had her first "Eyes on " piece in our first exhibition last summer which didn't stay on the walls long. Since then we haven't been able to get hold of another original from Claire as her work has proved so popular they sell within minutes of being launched. But we are so happy to say she has painted us an exclusive piece for this exhibition so here is " Eyes on Great Western " in all her winter glory .

Simon Knight has produced to stunning charcoal pieces. Having spent years honing his skills as a world class pencil artists he is now turning his had to looser charcoal landscapes which we love.

Andy Pearce has kept the paints flowing this winter and will have a selection of new works on display, either on paper or on canvas but always using his trusty acrylic paints to capture local scenes he loves . 

Stuart Rowe, another gallery regular, has delivered three stunning oils, again depicting some of his favourite places in his distinctive style. We love his use of loose oils and colours to capture the energy of a Cornish winter.

We will be receiving new works all week so keep an eye on our exhibition tab on the website so see new works as they arrive. You can purchase online or from the gallery and any from any sale during the exhibition, 10% will be split between The  The British Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal  and Cornwall Hospice Care

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you in the gallery or virtually, online 

Team SaltWalls




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